Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Third party integration

If you recieve an error "Sage Data Objects is not registered, please contact the supplier of this application" within a day or so of trying the trail version, don't panic, simply activate third party integration as follows:

1. Open Sage and click the Tools | Activation | Enable Third Party Integration menu option.

3. A screen will appear with a phone number to call; request the SDO Serial Number and Activation Key from the Sage customer services agent, enter the details in the textboxes provided and click the Register button.

Note: when calling the phone number the Sage customer services agent will usually ask you for you Sage Line 50 Serial Number (see the Help | About menu for this), your company name, first line of your address and / or postcode. Attaining the SDO Serial Number and Activation Key is a completely free service (apart from the price of the call) and will typically take no long than 5 minutes.

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